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DBStrength.com is currently accepting sponsored postings on the site. If you’re a publisher, blogger, fitness coach, expert, nutritional guru, or any title really related to health and fitness, we would love to feature you on the site! Please email liamrflynn@gmail.com for  further business opportunity discussion.

We’ve just recently opened up the site for guest posting submission opportunities for people who need exposure for their personal or professional fitness/health related brand. Getting onto our site will get you credited in the article 

Got a neat health and fitness tip that you’d like to share with our community and get exposure for your brand in the process? Send it on over to the email mentioned throughout this page and we can discuss business opportunities for your sponsored post.

I personally love it when I get great insight from professionals in the field, so I would love to be able to share advice or facts about top fitness equipment, health tips, etc. with all of my readers!

Please email liamrflynn@gmail.com for  further business opportunity discussion.

About Our Content

Most of the content on this site is dedicated towards reviews and lists of the top fitness equipment on the internet today. However, we also are dedicated towards anything related to keeping a healthy lifestyle, and all tips and tricks or lists related to health and fitness will gladly be accepted for guest post submissions.

We’ve actually been wanting to expand the content palette of DB Strength, and having a good few solid guest posts may inspire us to open new categories all over the site. Don’t think that your article has to be about fitness equipment in order to get accepted, as we are really just interested with providing a complete one-stop experience for users who are looking for health related articles of all sorts in the future!

What Are Some Guidelines For The Article?

The best way to ensure that your article is accepted on the site is to write naturally and with gusto. Be personable and come across as a real person (the more personality that you show throughout the article, the better). That being said, your article may be edited or rejected if it contains profane language or inappropriate subject matter.

Furthermore, please refrain from putting SO MUCH PERSONALITY on the post if it comes across as too opinionated and snarky. We’re running a professional blog and, while we like writers and articles with personality, we also like self-awareness and professionalism more (hint: don’t be over-the-top in a negative fashion!).

As for the length of the article, there is no maximum amount of content that we’ll accept, write to your heart’s content! However, we have imposed a minimum length for every article submitted of 500 words. This should be easy to meet, and many other websites accepting guest posts will have a higher word count requirement. All we want is for your article length to be long enough to accurately depict and detail the fitness/health tip, trick, fact, etc. 

Other than those guidelines mentioned above, you’ll have free reign to structure your article however you please as long as it’s loosely related to health and fitness. We’ll incorporate your article into the blog in one way or another (you may even get your own category on the website itself) as long as it meets the health/fitness requirement. Overall, we believe that this is quite doable and you’ll get a nice link back to your own blog, website, social media platform, etc. if you so desire. 

Please note that you’ll need to contact us via email and discuss this business opportunity before we’ll post the article on the site!

Why Should You Consider Writing For Us?

You’ll get exposure to our audience as well as a featured post on the home page (more exposure for your brand). Furthermore, this post will stay on the homepage until it rolls off onto the inner pages, where it will still be accessible and generate you traffic.

This is great for people starting an online business related to the fitness industry or for influencers who need to get more exposure in order to reach a wider audience for their brand!

For insight into how important it is to guest post for your brand, I direct you here

The fitness industry is full of hungry buyers who want to get leaner, fitter, faster and stronger. If you promote other people’s products (through what is known as affiliate marketing) or your own products, then you can make an absolute killing by building up a loyal audience to your blog or website where you can then sell them the products and services where you make commissions/profits!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but making money online is sweet!

Now, you’ll have to do more than just guest post and get links back to your site in the process, but it’s a good start.

Furthermore, if you know anything about SEO, then you’ll know that a backlink from our website to yours will provide you great value in the search engines, and the established authority of our domain will push you further up the Google rankings for a large amount of keywords, increasing the amount of organic searches you get per month.

We allow you to link back to your website’s homepage once as well as linking back to one inner post per article. This can be changed to include more links, but this is up for further discussion that must be done via email. This will give you great SEO benefit and surely give you a boosting in the search engines for a long time to come!

If you have special requests that you’re unsure about when it comes to your article, then please include any concerns or requests in the email to liamrflynn@gmail.com.

Please understand if we ask you to review/revise your article some more before we allow it to be posted on the website. We’re trying to run a professional blog, as mentioned earlier in this page, and therefore we would like our brand to be represented well by your voice. 


Here are some other guidelines for our website that may help you with strategically formulating your guest post in a way that is most likely to get accepted: 

  1. Be original – It’s hard to be original in the online fitness space because there’s just so much content online about health and fitness. However, with your content you should aim to at least try to bring some sort of originality to the post, regardless of whether or not there is similar content or topics on the web already.
  2. Increase the length – 500 words is the minimum, including more will get you a better chance of acceptance onto the site.
  3. Try submitting an idea first – If you’re unsure about whether or not your topic will get accepted, then don’t write the whole article only to have us reject it. Get some feedback on your topic by emailing us first at the email provided throughout the rest of this page. Doing so will ensure that your post topic will fit with the blog and get accepted.

If we like your article then it will definitely get posted, don’t worry about whether or not there are fleshed out categories on the site already created for your topic or not. We’re not too picky, despite the long winded content on this page. We’re just trying to get across what we want from a logistical standpoint, but don’t fear that your article will get rejected so long as you fit the groove with what was mentioned above!

Hope to be getting many submissions soon! Thanks for applying for contribution, we really appreciate it.