When it comes to staying in shape, diet and exercise are the key factors you should be paying attention to. However, going to the gym every day, without looking like you’ve just rolled out of your bed, can be a bit tricky.

Even though you know you have to go because you paid for the membership, wouldn’t it be great if you could just stay home and workout the way you want to? Well, now you can. You can achieve this sort of “exercise bliss” by purchasing a high-quality power rack.

Best Power Rack and Squat Cages Reviewed

But, there are many options currently on the market, and it is difficult to determine which power rack is the best one for you. Therefore, we are here to help you reach the right decision.

Some of these suggestions are user-friendly power racks that you can place almost anywhere in your home. However, a few of our top-rated squat cages are going to make your home gym dreams come true if you are already serious about weightlifting.

Here are our top picks for the Best Power Racks of 2018 list.

Model NameWeight Capacity 
Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage800 lbs.
Marcy Platinum Multi-Functional Power Rack600 lbs.
Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack800 lbs.
Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack800 lbs.
Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage1500 lbs.
Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage500 lbs.
Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack700 lbs.
Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack300 lbs.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage

When it comes to the best value for money ratio, it is quite tricky to beat the Fitness Reality 810XLT power cage.

You can buy it with or without the bench, but we do recommend getting the kit. You will save some money, and these two products go perfectly together.

When adding a power cage to your home gym, it’s vital to check the width and the height. So, bear in mind that this rack is about 84 inches tall. You will also need about 60 inches of floor space, and about 50 inches in depth.

This Fitness Reality power cage is no laughing matter – this rack can support up to 800 pounds. So, even if you are just getting into fitness and exercise, you don’t have to worry about it not being strong enough. Unless you’re an elite powerlifter at the highest level, then this rack should suffice and will be able to accommodate your workouts nicely.

The rack has two exceptionally sturdy chrome safety bars, which are as durable as they sound. You can adjust the bars however you want – the height adjustment has 19 options.

If you get the bench as well, then you should know that you can adjust it to fit your back. Also, if you want to store it away when you are not using it, you can fold it and place it in a closet or under the bed.

Lastly, we have to mention the chin-up bars. You can adjust them however you prefer and arrange them in a variety of positions. And, don’t forget – you can also use these bars for pull-ups as well.


  • It comes with a 800 lb. weight capacity, which is excellent for almost every lifter.
  • You can adjust the bars into multiple positions, so you will be able to do a wide variety of exercises effectively.
  • If you get the bench too, you will save money and have an almost complete gym in your home.


  • Users report that it can sometimes wobble a bit when you’re using really heavy weights.
  • It’s a bit narrow.
  • It feels unsafe because the safety catch won’t lock sometimes. So, you will have to be extra careful with it.
  • Many users say that their packages didn’t have all the parts, but they will surely accommodate this complaint if it happens to you!

Marcy Platinum Multi-Functional Power Rack

People who are lucky enough to live in a huge house will love this Marcy Power Rack.

The design of this model is as innovative as it can get. The 12-gauge steel frame is thick enough to support even the most vigorous weightlifting. Furthermore, the rack itself comes with a fantastic quad-linkage system. That will allow you to position the seat however you like.

You can use this rack for almost all types of strength training exercises. There are dip bars for arm toning, and you can also do anything from squats to military presses as well. The manufacturer even states that the top bar is more useful than it seems – there are 30 exercise variations you can use it for.

The design of this power rack is aesthetically-pleasing – if that’s something that matters to you. It has chrome-plated accents on the handles, the catches and other parts of the rack. However, these accents are not just there to be pretty – they are providing durability as well as dust and rust protection.

Unlike some more expensive power racks, this one comes in a set that includes a workout bench as well. The bench is standard, but it’s high-quality and durable. The padding is thick and contoured, so you can bet it will be comfortable during the workout. Also, it’s resilient, and it won’t wear out too fast.

The back of the bench and the seat pads are adjustable, and you can always adapt the position to your current exercise routine.


  • It features industrial-grade parts, and it’s exceptionally durable and sturdy.
  • The price is not too high because you’re also getting a bench.
  • This power rack is one of the most versatile ones on the market. You can change up your workout routine every day, but it will still take you a while to go through all the possible exercise variations.
  • The bench is high-quality and well-built.


  • Although it looks and feels robust, this power rack wobbles a bit. If you decide to get it, you will have to bolt it to the floor.
  • The package might not come with all necessary hardware (for example, bolts and screws).
  • You might find that the bench is a bit heavy.

Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack

Merax is a well-known brand, and its power rack has been a favorite for quite some time now.

This squat cage is made of steel, which means that it will support a ton of weight without too much trouble. In addition, the weight bar supports are high-quality and adjustable. The frame itself is made of 2” x 2” bars.

When it comes to different positions, you can adjust the bar supports to fit all your needs. There are 17 positions in total, and they can cater to all types of fitness enthusiasts – no matter the experience they have.

This power rack also has an extensive walk-in space, perfect for side-to-side movement. And, to make it all even better, the set also comes with safety pegs, and the utility bar is covered with foam. There’s also a fantastic bonus – the rack comes with a lat pull and a low row attachment as well.

You can use this rack to train your whole body in the comfort of your own home – and the price is reasonable too.

However, there’s one thing you should be aware of. The weight capacity will depend on what you’re using. So, if you are, for example, using the safety bars, the rack will support up to 800 lbs.

But, the inside and the outside bar catchers can support 650 and 500 lbs respectively.


  • It’s really easy to set up. It will only take an hour or two to do it.
  • It feels quite sturdy and durable, and there are no wobbles.
  • You can use it for almost all types of power rack exercises.


  • It’s not as strong as a gym power rack, although it’s perfect for home use.
  • The design is a bit basic.

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Another popular choice among fitness enthusiasts is the Valor Fitness BD-7.

This classic power rack is easy to assemble, given the fact that the manufacturer sends you a detailed manual with it. Therefore, once you set it up, you can immediately start working out and building those muscles away from the gym. You will need about an hour to assemble it.

The frame bars are 2″ x 2 ” thick, which is a standard when it comes to power racks.

When looking over its features, we came to a conclusion that this rack is packed with add-ons. If you buy it, you will get some rather useful workout stations.

So, if you want to tone your back and build shoulder and arm muscles, you can use the lat pulldown station that comes with a plate loading carriage.

However, if you are more interested in pull-ups, you will love the bar it comes with. It’s of superior quality and quite sturdy at the same time. Furthermore, it has knurled grips, so there is little chance your hands will slip away. There’s also a low pulley station if upright and seated rows are your thing.

The weight storage pegs are also a fantastic feature, and they come with the rack. There’s four of them, and they are 8” long.

When buying a power rack, most users are worried about the shakiness. Nobody wants to end up on the floor, so the power rack has to be heavy enough to support you without adding weights to it.

Luckily, you will not encounter those issues while using this power rack. You don’t even have to bolt it to the floor (although that’s always a good idea). However, if you go over the weight limit, then the stand can start shaking.


  • It’s extra tall, so even if you are over 6 feet, you will not have any trouble using it.
  • It feels durable, and it doesn’t tilt at all while you’re working out.
  • The assembly is a piece of cake – you just need two wrenches and a little patience.


  • As expected, the lat pulldown cable wears off after a while. So, if this is the selling point for you, it is a fact worth considering.
  • You can only use standard weights with it.
  • The stand is quite tall, so you will have to place it in a room with a high ceiling.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

Fitness Reality X-Class power rack is made for serious weightlifting, but beginners who have some spare cash lying around can also enjoy it.

The weight capacity is exceptionally high – the rack can support up to 1500 lbs. And, if you are wondering if the construction can actually handle that without shaking – the answer is “Yes.”

The 2″ x 3″ tubular steel frame is perfect for high-impact exercises. In addition, the rack also comes with two adjustable dip handles (2″ x 20″). They have rubber grips, and they can also handle quite a lot of weight – up to 600 lbs.

The Fitness Reality X-Class power rack comes with four safety bars. One pair is 11.5″, while the other one is 35.5″. The second pair of safety bars is dual mounted, and if you have some 7′ Olympic weight sets lying around, you can use them with this rack without any difficulty at all.

The pull-up bars are high-quality, and they have multi-grip areas. You can also adjust them to maximize the space and build muscles efficiently. The rack also has a 44″ lat bar, as well as a 20″ low row bar.

This power rack is one of the most popular ones on the market, and we can see why. If you buy the whole kit, you will get the cable attachment as well as some J-Hooks.

The Fitness Reality bench is optional, and if you already have a bench at home, you don’t have to get it. However, it goes well with this rack, and you can adjust it into various positions.


  • This rack is a high-quality product many users are still raving about. The frame has a 10-year warranty, but there’s little chance you’ll use it.
  • It comes with a fantastic manual, so you won’t have to spend hours setting it up. The assembly is quite easy.
  • The rack itself is heavy, which makes it sturdy and durable at the same time.


  • Their customer support is not up to standard. Getting a reply from them is difficult.
  • Some of its safety catches fail to fit into the frame, which makes them useless.
  • It’s an expensive product, and some users won’t be able to afford it – no matter how great it is.

Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System

People who love to use Olympic weights will probably also enjoy the Body Power Deluxe power rack. You can use it with both 6′ and 7′ weights.

When using a rack for high-impact workouts, it’s vital to have enough space for lateral movements. Luckily, this power rack has a wide walk-in area, and the design itself allows you to move freely inside of the cage.

You can use the Body Power Deluxe power rack for just about any exercise routine you have in mind. Squats will be a breeze, and doing pull-ups on it will feel like you are in a gym. That’s how much quality this rack brings.

The height level has 15 positions, so you can adjust it to fit anyone. In addition, you also get two dip bars when you buy this rack, and the manufacturer throws in a couple of pull-up bars as well.

The thing that makes the Body Power Deluxe rack stand out is the safety you get when you’re using it. The safety features are abundant, and they include J-hooks, full-length safety rods, and safety catches you can quickly adjust. Moreover, if you want to secure the cage to the floor, there are four floor anchors in the package as well.

However, the weight capacity of this model is a bit low when compared to other power racks we have already mentioned. It can support up to 800 pounds.

Finally, there are also weight storage posts – six of them, to be exact. So, if you need storage space, or you want to make the rack more stable, you can place the weights on the posts.


  • Easy to assemble and the manual itself has clear instructions.
  • It is a versatile power rack which you can use for just about any exercise routine. However, it is not too big, so it won’t take up all the space in your home.
  • The construction is high-quality, and the frame is robust and capable of supporting a lot of weight.


  • Most users agree that this rack is not balanced right. So, you will probably have to bolt it to the floor. Otherwise, you might put yourself in danger.
  • When doing squats, the weight posts might get in the way, so you have to be careful.

Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack

The T-2 Series from Titan is a favorite among users because of its versatility and its high-quality design.

You can use this rack for just about any workout you feel like doing – bench and military presses, curls, squats, and dips. The cage itself can support a ton of weight because the tubes are made of steel. In addition, they are also thick enough to endure hours of workouts – their precise dimensions are 2″ x 2″.

What’s great about this specific rack is the fact that you can place it in a room with a low ceiling. Most squat cages we’ve already reviewed are tall, so you would have to think thoroughly about the perfect spot for them. However, if you get the Titan T-2 Series rack, you will avoid a potential headache. It’s specifically designed for users who don’t have a high ceiling in their home.

Nevertheless, what it lacks in height, this rack makes up for in width. The walk-in design is spacious enough to let you exercise freely without worrying whether you’re going to hit something. In addition, the width is also perfect for total body exercises, which you cannot do inside the cage if it’s too narrow.

When it comes to positions, we have some great news. You can adjust this rack into 21 positions, which is more than fair when compared to other, subpar squat cages on the market. It’s also vital to mention that this rack won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so the price-quality ratio is brilliant.

The official weight capacity for this model is 700 pounds, but the rack itself is not too heavy – it weighs only 132 pounds. And, the official height is about 71.5 inches.

Lastly, even though this rack doesn’t come with a ton of add-ons, you do get a pair of round Titan J-Hooks and a chin-up bar.

In order to install it in your home (or garage), you will need a bit more floor space. You have to consider the height and the width as well, so remember to check if you can accommodate it before you buy it.


  • The quality-price ratio is undeniably great. This rack is fantastic for all fitness buffs who are on a budget.
  • Perfect for basements and other rooms where the ceiling is low.
  • It only takes about 45 minutes to assemble it.
  • It’s quite stable for such a short rack, but you should bolt it to the floor just in case.


  • Although the height should be its selling point, users often complain that it’s just too short for them.
  • Beware of damaged packaging – there may be some parts missing. Remember to order it from a trusted retailer, and read the instructions carefully while assembling it.

Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack

Let’s go back to basics with this Body Champ power rack. Although it doesn’t look like much, the rack itself is high-quality, and it will serve the purpose if you are a beginner.

The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, which is not much when compared to other power racks on this list. However, for a beginner, that’s enough to get you started, though you have to weigh less than 300 pounds so that you can use the upper workout bar.

What’s great about this squat cage is that you can use it with the bigger weight set bars (6’ and 7’ fit great in it). But, you will have to see for yourself if you can combine it with other accessories.

Most power racks have about 20 possible position adjustments. However, this rack has only 12, which might put off some potential buyers. Nevertheless, it’s enough for a beginner who hasn’t yet reached the required fitness level for more advanced power racks.

When it comes to add-ons, there’s not much to talk about. The Body Champ power rack comes with standard pieces, like the peg-hook catches and the built-in weight holders. In addition to that, it also has two anti-slip pegs and four rubberized feet.

The rubberized feet will keep it in place, but if you go over the weight limit, you are risking too much. Therefore, it might be a good idea to secure it to the floor so that it doesn’t wobble.

It is a lightweight power rack, and you cannot expect it to be as stable as the heavier ones. But, when compared to other subpar alternatives, this rack is the perfect addition to your new home gym.


  • It has a U-shaped frame, which makes it a bit more stable than other cheaper alternatives.
  • The knurling on the top bar helps you get a better grip, and there is little chance your hands will slip away.
  • It’s perfect for light weights and beginner-friendly exercises.


  • You cannot use it for heavy weights; it just won’t support them. And, if you go over the capacity, the frame can easily bend or fall over (if it’s not bolted to the floor).
  • It is a narrow power rack, so there might not be enough space for side-to-side movement.
  • The safety arms are not long enough.

Final Thoughts

Weight lifting and high-impact workout routines are not for the faint-hearted. You need to have the stamina and enough discipline to make it through those first painful stages.

But, all that is much easier if you use proper equipment. Yes, power racks are bulky, and most of us don’t have enough space in our homes for them. However, once you buy a power rack, a whole new world of possibilities opens its gates to you.

Most of these racks are great for everyday use, and even those with a basic design can come in handy if you just want to de-stress a bit.

If you are already an expert when it comes to weightlifting and similar exercises, those simple exercise stands will not do. You will have to make an investment and purchase a heavy-duty power rack, like the Fitness Reality X-Class or Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack.

Nevertheless, if you are just a beginner and you are still trying to figure out whether weightlifting is for you, a cheaper alternative will do just fine.

Finally, we should mention a thing or two about safety. No matter which power rack you pick, it’s vital to make sure it’s stable enough. If you feel that your preferred rack is a bit wobbly, mounting it to the floor will solve all your problems.

We hope these reviews have helped you find out a thing or two about the best power racks currently on the market. With this article as a reference, you too can now find the perfect power rack for your home gym, happy lifting!

Want to get some help with your core lifts? Check out this article to equip you with the knowledge you need to put your power rack (and your body) to good use!

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