Hey you – yea you. Have you ever been curious about how to put SERIOUS mass to your body in a short period of time? Sure, you can eat like a sumo wrestler in order to put on the amount of weight necessary to bulk up your physique and throw on another plate to each one of your lifts, but we all know that eating MORE when you already feel like throwing up can be such a challenge. Furthermore, it takes a serious toll on your wallet to keep buying your premium foods that will give you both the macronutrients and calories necessary to gain muscle mass sufficiently. That’s where these top 10 mass gainer supplements come in. Read further into our jam-packed muscle-fuel article in order to find the perfect supplement for your needs. Do you want to be bigger? If the answer is yes, then you can’t go wrong with any of the bulking supplements that we have hand-picked for your consumption! Read further down to get the details.

The Best Weight Gain Supplement Reviews


weight gainer in middle of image with check price button and customer satisfaction guaranteed logo on top white backgroundFirst on our list is a fantastic product from Optimum Nutrition that has high carbs and a great deal of protein for those that want lean mass to add their body. Featuring 25 different minerals and vitamins, including creatine a glutamine, you’ll be able to recover and receive the muscle mass that you want. Furthermore, there’s 1,250 calories per serving (which is 2 scoops). You’ll be able to have 250 grams of carbs per serving, as well as 50 grams of protein in each serving that you have.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Very high calorie – a 2 scoop serving has 1,250 calories
  • 50 grams of protein per serving of SERIOUS MASS
  • Creatine and glutamine is in this product
  • Comes in chocolate, banana, and chocolate peanut butter
  • Comes in a number of sizes

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • May be too high in calories for some that don’t have too much trouble building muscle – perfect for those that have a lot of trouble gaining weight


tub in middle of imageNext up is a 4lb. beast from VITOL – a product dubbed “Russian Bear 5000”, you’ll be able to get a lot out of this weight gain product, but this is only for those incredibly serious about gaining weight. While most of the reviews are great, there aren’t a ton because as we said, this is for those that are serious about gaining weight. In each serving, you’ll find that there are 5000 calories – yes, 5000 calories per serving of this Russian Bear product. This product’s recipe list includes the highest biological pharmaceutical grade proteins, which include non-fat egg whites, and milk solids. The 46 grams of MCT’s are also incredible for those looking for some serious bulking.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Anabolic growth formula
  • Incredibly high in calories
  • Fast acting product

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • May be too high in calories for those that just need a bit of boost, and not a ton of power and calories behind their workout


From Core Nutritionals, this delicious tasting weight gain supplement tastes like peanut butter pie, and features a whole based mass blend rather than a protein powder blend. You’ll find that this superior blend also features a quality whey concentrate, a digestive blend, and one that features no maltodextrin or fillers for those that want a serious and natural experience. As we said, you want something that has low triglycerides and that of the sort; thankfully, this product has low glycerides, and you won’t have to worry about the wrong types of bulking being on your body.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Features a delicious and digestive blend
  • Low glycerides in this blend of weight gain supplement
  • There aren’t any fillers, so you get the most valuable weight gaining experience possible

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Hard to find the actual calorie count per serving – doesn’t mean it’s too much or too little, though, and you may have to research a little more
  • Not the best for those that don’t care for chocolate or peanut butter tastes


This massive package comes with 15 straight servings (10.38lbs.), and features more than 1200 calories per serving, as well as 215 grams of carbs in this serving. If you’re curious, this serving of carbs comes primarily from rolled oats, and there are no more than 50 grams of protein per serving that you take from this product. There are a ton of flavors available for those that want something sweeter or something more fruity. There are various sized packages, as well, and if you want to just try it out for the first time, there are smaller options available.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate milkshake, strawberry, cookies and cream, and more
  • There are over 1200 calories per serving – great for those that need serious weight gain
  • Super mass gainer, with 50 grams of protein per one serving
  • 215 grams of carbs per serving, from rolled oats mostly

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Comes in bag/plastic package form rather than bottle, which may be inconvenient for some


This 4.4-pound package comes in a variety of flavors, including fruit punch, chocolate, blue razz, and comes in two sizes – either the 16 serving package or 32 serving package. You’ll be able to speed up the recovery process, as well as make use of ingredients like taurine and betaineine – both clinically validated within this product. Supposedly, these clinically validated servings are great for athletic performance and improving these performances, as well as the recovery of these workouts. There are anti-oxidant nutrients as well as a product that synergizes well with carbs to make sure your muscles receive the effects of this product.

The Advantages of the Product

  • 32 servings per 4.4-pound bottle
  • Clinically validated ingredients
  • Best for recovery and improving your athletic performance
  • Some say this is great for pre-workout usage

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Doesn’t work for a lot of people – but perfect for some
  • Doesn’t taste the best


Manufactured by MTS Nutrition, this delicious product is noted as a mass gainer, and this 5-pound package comes with 24 servings. Within this product, you won’t have to worry about any maltodextrin, and you’ll receive a premium and advanced protein blend. There are multiple servings of vegetables and fruits within each serving, and you’ll be able to promote a ton of gains as you take this product.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Recipe includes EFA-enriched whey protein
  • There is no maltodextrin added to this recipe
  • Brown rice is the primary source of carbs within this blend

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Not many flavors available currently – if you don’t like cookies and cream, this may be a taste you have to suck up or not use at all


From Beverly International, this massive 5lb. container is capable of giving you serious gains. Featuring 11 high-quality carbs within this product, as well as high potency, you’ll be able to take this creamy product without suffering from any bad aftertaste or bad experience pre or post-workout. If you’re someone that doesn’t consume enough calories and you want a weight gain supplement that will hit the spot, this is a product you should consider. Gain lean weight with this fantastic, fasting-acting and convenient product.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Best for those that are figure, bodybuilding, fitness athletes
  • Also great for powerlifters, and even traditional sports athletes
  • Great for both men and women who have trouble gaining weight
  • Convenient, with 4 high-quality proteins
  • Ultra chocolate flavor

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Not the best for those casual gym-goers
  • If you don’t like chocolate flavors, you may not like this product


Another product from Optimum Nutrition, this one is fantastic for those that love a double rich chocolate taste, without gaining fat from this decadent flavor. Gain the type of calories you need without suffering, and enjoy the tastes you love. In each serving of this product, you’ll be able to make use of 650 calories per serving, as well as 60 grams of premium protein for the best muscle building experience. There are 7 unique sources that these proteins come from when taking one serving, and this is full of amino acids for better transportation to your muscles and throughout your body.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Complex carbs and lipids within each serving, 85 grams of carbs and up to 5 grams of fiber per serving
  • 650 calories per serving – great for those that don’t need extra weight gain, but could use a boost

The Disadvantages of the Products

  • Servings may be too low in calories for those that need a lot of help building muscle


This 10-pound pouch features over 700 calories per serving, which is great for both those that want to fill a ton of calories in their day, as well as those that just want an extra boost per day. This product features a beef-based protein, and is an isolate weight gain supplement. If you want a faster recovery time, and want to make sure you’re getting a product that promotes muscle mass building, then this is the product for you.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Convenient 10-pound pouch
  • 700 calories per serving
  • Beef-based protein – 100%, an isolate weight gain supplement
  • Supports fast recovery and strength, as well as building muscle mass
  • Great taste

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Doesn’t come in a scoopable tub
  • Not the best series for those that hate chocolate – most of the flavors for this product are chocolate related


Want an inexpensive product that doesn’t force you to have a fancy flavor? This long-lasting and fast-acting post-workout weight gain supplement is for you! There are no side effects after using this product, and you’ll be able to know that this is stimulant-free, as well as a great and quick carb-loader. Typically, sugar drinks are great for keeping you energized for only half of the time that this Karbolyn product can, and you’ll be able to outlast and outperform the competition with ease.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Specifically meant for those that want something post-workout
  • Clinically tested as an intense energy supplement
  • Fast-acting, long-lasting
  • A quick type of carb-load product

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • No chocolate flavors, but comes with a neutral option for those that don’t want any flavor

Factors to Consider Before Buying Weight Gain Supplements

Taking a weight gain supplement isn’t just about getting in a healthy weight range, in fact, many use a weight gain supplement to help them in the gym when it comes to strength training and making themselves bulkier. We aren’t talking about your standard pre-workout, we’re talking about a supplement that will allow you to healthily gain weight without the use of fatty foods and bad calories. There are a ton of things you should know before purchasing your very first or another type of weight gain supplement.

Research more about a supplement – when it comes to something as drastic as a weight gain supplement, researching and knowing more about a supplement, what it does, and how your diet changes is imperative. Those that are new to the game may not realize that a weight gain supplement is extremely high in calories, and allows you to hit your calorie goals much easier day in and day out. With that being said, if you want to eat massive burgers every day with no healthy foods in between, and think that this is a safe option, you’re going to be gaining a ton of fat to say the least – and not any healthy weight, either. You’ll want to edit your diet and see what’s best before you dive into taking weight gain supplements.

There are some that are considered a “hard gainer”, also known as someone who eats and eats and eats, in order to try and get their weight up, a weight gain supplement may be a great decision for you, but you’ll have to edit your diet and nutrition to make it fit with your lifestyle. If you’re someone that requires thousands of calories per day to meet your personal goals, there are very high calorie shakes provided by certain weight gain supplement companies.

Stay lean, don’t get fat – with the right diet and a weight gain supplement that’s specially formulated, you’ll be able to get leaner, rather than gain fat. One of the biggest things about using a weight gain supplement to meet calorie goals is that you don’t want a heavy amount of fat, which can compromise your immune system and organs. You’ll basically want this supplement to aid your muscle-mass building with the right type of dietary fat. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that there are little to no saturated fats within your weight gain supplement, as well as medium chain triglycerides, or else you may be worrying about putting on actual fat, rather than lean weight.

Find when you should take a weight gain supplement – not all weight gain supplements are meant to be taken close to the time of your workout; in fact, there are some that are meant to be taken afterwards, and can be taken as meal replacements so you’re not overreaching for calories that you don’t need. You can also have some that are meant to be taken with your food as an additional calorie supplement. Whatever your intention, make sure to research each weight gain supplement you come across, or else you may be taking it wrong and not yielding the best results.

Those that want to take their weight gain supplement right before or right after their workout should look for a recipe or blend that contains little to no fat, and one that has a high carb count. When you have this blend together, you find that you’ll be able to meet calorie goals without splurging or without lean properties. It’s worth noting that the best time to take a weight gain supplement is when you are starting your workout or when you are finishing, as your muscles will act with the carbs in order to transport the amino acids properly to your muscle’s cells. When this happens, the calories are being successfully used to help make you leaner and bulk up, rather than gain actual fat. We highly suggest trying on that you’re meant to take after your workout.

Look at the calorie levels – just because they’re meant to be higher in calorie values than other products, doesn’t mean you should skip out on knowing how many are in each. With weight gain supplements, the calorie levels vary greatly, and you should never skimp out on them. Because of the varying levels of calories, the product will help build your muscles in a specific way. You’ll want to match the perfect weight gain supplement calorie level with your nutrition level and your muscle needs.

If you’re someone that struggles greatly with building any sort of muscle mass, then a weight gain supplement that is higher in calories will serve you well. Those that build easily, but need an extra boost, don’t have to go as high as others. There are some that are well over 1000 calories per serving, and others that are in the 400-500 range. Make sure to research and create a plan that works for you.

Creatine matters – another reason you should research more on the ingredients and the product itself is so that you can meet your creatine levels much easier. With a weight gain supplement, you’ll be able to hit multiple birds with one rock. You won’t need an extra protein shake or powder when you have a product that not only fuels your muscles, but gives you the extra ingredients that you need. Make sure your weight gain supplement comes with creatine to top off the success of the weight gain supplement. Of course, there may be water weight at first, but this is only because of the extra influx of carbs that your body is seeing.

After some time, you’ll see this water weight flow off, and you’ll start to gain lean mass. Timeframe: one to two weeks. If this is your first time working out in a long time, and you’re coupling this with a weight gain supplement, you may not see this water weight come off for as little as three weeks because of the workout impact to your muscles. When you first start working out sort-of heavily, the tears in your muscles fill with water to protect them.

You’ll be able to recover faster – thanks to the inclusion of l-glutamine in many weight gain supplements; you’ll be able to recover much faster than you normally would. This is usually because of the l-glutamine that’s included in the recipe list. There are many products that come with this and act as a double-duty product, so not only are you getting creatine, but you’re also getting l-glutamine for recovery. This is a type of amino acid that ensures your muscles are going to be recovering as best as possible. Those that tend to be sore or take longer to recover after workouts may want to look into this ingredient when searching for the best weight gain supplements on the market.

Furthermore, the usage of l-glutamine in your weight gain supplement will ensure a healthy and ready-to-go immune system. In doing so, you won’t have to miss out on important training sessions and workouts because you feel ill or because you mysteriously got sick. Don’t compromise your immune system because of a flaky product – it’s not all about aesthetics.

Tips for Choosing the Best Weight Gain Supplements for Your Needs

You may know a weight gain supplement as a protein shake – in more modern terms. If you’re looking for the best protein shake or weight gain supplement on the market, there are a few things more that you’ll need to know and define before purchasing. So, how do you know which protein powder or weight gain supplement is the best for you?

First and foremost, you should know the importance of a protein powder versus a whole food or weight gain supplement. Even though you can meet your protein and calorie goals with food, sometimes for those that are bulking up incredibly, it may just be too much to eat that amount every day. With a protein powder or other type of weight gain supplement, you’ll be able to take a much smaller amount, receive the proper calorie or protein amount, and not worry about getting sick from feeling too full. You should aim to get your daily nutrition from food, while using a weight gain supplement to fill the calorie void.

The right ingredients – when choosing the best weight gain supplement, you’ll want one that comes with a variety of extra ingredients. Some of these ingredients include l-glutamine for recovery, as well as creatine so that you’ll be able to fuel your muscles and reduce the need for post-workout shakes or another product to help your fitness routine.

The types of proteins – yes, there are different types of proteins that you should know, and you should also know their best uses. The types of proteins include the following:

  • Egg protein – this type of protein is way slower than whey, and you can usually take this type of protein throughout the day
  • Milk proteins – a perfect protein for supporting your immune function, you’ll be able to enhance the growth of your muscles much easier with this product
  • Rice protein – for those that are vegetarian or vegan, this is a 100% plant-based protein
  • Pea protein – typically, a pea protein is hypoallergenic, and is very digestible
  • Hemp protein – naturally, this is also a 100% plant-based protein

If you want to build your muscles and get lean muscle mass, you should look for a protein powder that has a value known as “high biological”. If you’re this person, you should look towards whey isolate or a whey protein in general for the best results.

While weight gain supplements make take inspiration from these types of proteins, you may not see a company directly label one as an egg protein, milk protein, etc., but you’re free to research more on the aforementioned to help you gain weight in the gym and speed up your recovery.

Product NameContains 
ON Serious MassCreatine, Glutamine
VITOL Russian Bear 5000Anabolic Growth Formula
Core Grow Low Glycerides
BSN True-Mass 1200215 Grams of Carbohydrates Per Serving
Pro Supps Karbolic Super PremiumAntioxidants
MTS Nutrition Epic GainsEFA-Enriched Whey
Beverly International Mass Maker4 Types of Protein
ON Pro GainerComplex Carbohydrates and Lipids
Muscle Meds Carnivor Mass Anabolic Beef100% Beef-Based Isolate
EFX Sports Karbolyn Fuel Complex CarbsFast Acting Carbohydrate Loading Ingredients

The Final Verdict

weight gainer in middle of image white backgroundIf you’ve found entirely too much information in this article and you’re stumped, we highly suggest the SERIOUS MASS weight gainer from Optimum Nutrition. Well-received and well-priced, you’ll be able to get this product in a variety of “colors” (also known as flavors), as well as sizes for your needs. With over 250 grams of carbs per serving of this, as well as 50 grams of protein, you’ll be getting everything you need in this high-calorie product that’s meant for you to gain weight with.

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